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Synaptic Time Tunnel 
SIGGRAPH 2023 50th anniversary 

Synaptic Time Tunnel is an immersive, interactive environment that invites you into a world where the past, present, and future converge into a dense evolving network of information, artificial neurons, and synapses.

The evolving imagery and computer graphics milestones trace the propagation of influences and innovations across time. Drawing inspiration from historic milestones and groundbreaking work over the past 50 years, the Synaptic Time Tunnel celebrates SIGGRAPH'S influential past while beckoning audiences to unlock their own creative potential.

Leave the present and enter into the awe inspiring history of computer graphics and interactive techniques and its profound impact on the world. With each step, you will conceptually traverse back in time while also progressing forward into the future.


Interactive Visuals: Nefeli Manoudaki, Iason Paterakis, Graham Wakefield, Weihao Qiu, Kon Hyong (Kenny) Kim, Marcos Novak


Interactive Sound: Diarmid Flatley, Ryan Millett 


Tracking: Diarmid Flatley, Ryan Millett 


Database: Weihao Qiu


Floor Plan: Nefeli Manoudaki, Iason Paterakis


Production: Marcos Novak, Gustavo Rincon, Bonnie L Mitchell


Hardware Setup: Freeman 

Sponsorship: AutoDesk

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