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Abstract Oracle Miner 0009328437

Guo Cheng & Weihao Qiu

The Long Cut, 2021, Ferafile

Custom software (color, sound)

Dimensions variable, horizontal or vertical

Generative, interactive

Ferafile Link:

Project Description

“Abstract Oracle Miner 0009328437" is an iteration of Guo's installation work, “Abstract Oracle Generator." The “miner" is a virtual device producing different acronym combinations, which act like prophecies responding to questions raised by participants—or whoever is wandering in the digital world. Through rendering several complex 3D scenes, the algorithm takes the hardware performance evaluation values as random seeds to generate a “virtual oracle." During the process, the temperature of hardware running the webpage may rise, the cooling fan may generate noises and the image rendering may slow down. In other words, the “oracle" takes the offering from the hardware—the foundational structure of the virtual world, reminding viewers that the “virtual" is by no means effortless, weightless, or light as a feather. The “oracle” produced by the computing power consumption is objectively “better" than other forms of human divination, and the abstraction of the conjured visions can expand participants’ imagination.

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