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Final Patch

MAT276 - Modular Synthesis

The patch was designed to generate complex sounds consisting of various rhythm and timbre. It routes and mixes 4 different sounds from oscillator, drum, noise generator and clouds. 


  1. Drum is simply triggered by some clock

  2. Oscillator is on mode “SNAR”, which sounds like some sort of drum and needs clock signal to trigger it. The pitch is modulated by a quantizer, timber by envelops generated by Math module.

  3. The type of noise is Quanta. The noise is filtered by band pass filter, whose Q and FM1 are modulated by envelop from Math and  sin wave from LFO.

  4. The Clouds receive signals from the mix of four signals. The Density of Clouds is modulated by the control voltage from sequencer after offset by the Math module.


The interesting points are:

  1. Noise with band pass filter could serve as an instrument.

  2. Routing Clouds’s output through a mixer back into the the Clouds’s input could be interesting. I got various timbre by controlling the portion how much of the Clouds’s output in the mixed sound is fed back to the input.

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